5 Days of Fall: Sweet Potatoes

It's Thursday, which means it's Day 4 in our 5 Days of Fall series. So far we've featured cranberries, pumpkins, currants and gooseberries, and now today it's time for sweet potatoes. So check out our tips and recipes below!

  • Selection: Look for taters that are smooth, dry, and clean. Funny shapes aren't the end of the world, especially since many recipes call for peeling and mashing.

  • Storage: If stored in a cool and dry place (55-65 degrees F), they'll keep for at least a month. Don't refrigerate them unless they're cooked. Brush off dirt but don't wash until you're ready to use - washing will cause them to spoil faster.

  • Cooking Tip: Keep the skin on while cooking to preserve nutrients, then peel it off right - it'll be easier this way, too! You can cook in the microwave by piercing a few times with a fork, setting on a paper towel, and microwaving for 5-9 minutes for 2 potates (increase the time a bit for more potatoes).

  • Fun Fact: You can call a sweet potato a yam (it's generally accepted) but it really isn't - yams are only grown in Africa and Asia and are botanically quite different from sweet potatoes.

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