5 Days of Fall: Mushrooms

Yay, it's finally Friday, which means it's the last day in our 5 Days of Fall series. So far we've featured cranberries, pumpkins, currants and gooseberries, and sweet potatoes. Today we're featuring our extra fave fall delight - mushrooms! So check out our tips and recipes below!

  • Selection: Pick mushrooms that are bruise-free, aren't shriveling, and aren't slimy. The stems should be firm and the same color throughout.

  • Storage: Place them in a paper bag and store in the fridge and your mushrooms will stay slime-free much longer than if you store them in plastic. Brush the dirt off or wash them right before eating (as opposed to right after bring them home) to help them last longer).

  • Preparation: After brushing off any dirt, slice and add to just about anything - soups, salads, pasta, vegetable sautes, stir-fry, you name it!

  • Fun Fact: Mushrooms continue to grow after they are picked.

  • Fun Fact: Mushrooms have a very similar vitamin content to that of meat. Good news for vegetarians!

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