5-Minute Party Appetizers

Do any of these sound like you:

  1. When your first guest arrives and rings the doorbell, you don't hear it because you're still blow-drying your hair.

  2. You tend to burn or otherwise mess up your party appetizers - cooking just isn't your thing!

  3. No matter how much food you set out it seems like it gets devoured in minutes, which is a good thing but it means you're always scrambling for something else to serve at the last minute.

Sounds like you could use some 5-minute party appetizers! Stock up on the ingredients for these apps and you'll be ready for your party no matter what gets thrown your way:

Want more? These appetizers are done in 5 minutes, too:

Cranberry Pistachio Cheese Ball
Creamy Pesto Dip
Ranch Dressing Bean Salad
Salami Pickle Wraps

Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from FunnySpoon to you and yours!

Happy Holidays
We hope everyone enjoys their time off today and gets to spend it with friends and family. However, the sad truth is that while we're drinking and being merry, 1 billion people will go to bed hungry tonight. The good news is that you can help this holiday season with just a few clicks.

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Happy Holidays!

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The FunnySpoon Five: Faves of the Season

It sure feels like winter has been here for a while already, but it's only just now officially here. Welcome to the season of over-indulgence and cozy comfort foods. Curious what our most popular fall recipes were? Check out the round-up of the top five most-viewed recipes of the season:

Tried any of them yet? If not, what are you waiting for? If so, share what you thought about them!

And now let's gear up for winter ...

Turn Up The Heat With These Hot Cocoa Recipes!

Winter and hot cocoa just go together. It helps take the chill off a blustery day like nothing else. But the same ol' treat can get old if you don't spice it up. So why not try one these snazzy specialties!

Happy holidays!

Last Minute [Sassy] Gift

Crap! It's the eve of your last day at work before your 2 week holiday vaca and you still haven't gotten gifts for your co-workers. No fear... FunnySpoon is here! Make these simple, simple, simple Pretzel Bombs and Turtle Pretzels, buy some containers and presto - gifts are done! These are great (and impressive) gifts to have laying around the house in case friends pop by, too!

Glass of Sass: Helping During the Holidays

Glass of SassCheck out the latest Q&A in our new Glass of Sass column. We know our sassy fans have questions, and we've already poured a glass of wine so we're ready to fire off some answers!

Got a question of your own? Send it in and we will answer it in a future column!

Q:I read your post about getting in the holiday spirit and now I'm drunk with holiday cheer. I feel like doing something good, helping some people out. Any ideas?

A:Why yes, we have the perfect idea. First, though, are you sure you're not just, um, drunk? We didn't think our holiday cheer was THAT contagious but apparently it is!

Anyway, we're happy to hear you want to help. We're currently doing a promotion where we donate a meal to a hungry child or adult for everyone who "likes" us on Facebook or signs up to receive our twice-a-month emails. So with just a few clicks you could donate TWO meals to a hungry person this holiday season. Plus, you'll get the latest and greatest from us via Facebook and email, which really is a gift in itself.

Happy Holidays!
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Simplify the Holidays with Make-Ahead Recipes

The holidays don't have to be hectic. If you prep a few recipes ahead of time, you'll have more time to enjoy the egg nog!

Appetizers in Advance
Don't spend the whole party in the kitchen! Make these apps in advance, then set out or pop in the oven once guests arrive. They're also great for taking to parties:

Get more Appetizers in Advance recipes.

Holiday Houseguests Made Easy
Make these meals a day or two in advance, refrigerate, then heat (or reheat) for a cozy dinner with houseguests:

Get more Holiday Houseguests Made Easy recipes.

Deliciously Simple Drinks
No need to stock a full bar for your next party. Whip up a batch of one of these recipes and you'll be able to enjoy the party (rather than play bartender!):

Get more Deliciously Simple Drinks recipes.

Want more? Check out all our easy recipes. Happy Holidays!

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Holiday Houseguests Made Easy

When holiday houseguests come to stay, who wants to spend the whole time cooking? It's much more fun to catch up on old times and just relax. But they gotta eat, right? Problem solved - prepare these meals in advance, freeze/refrigerate, and heat/reheat when it's dinnertime. They get tasty homemade meals and you get to spend time with them instead of slaving away in the kitchen. Win-win!

Happy Holidays!

Appetizers in Advance

Ever planned a party only to spend almost the whole time in the kitchen tending to your appetizers? Bah-humbug! That's no fun. While you may have a few special dishes you'd like to serve, round things out with a few of these easy appetizers that can be made in advance. Then simply set them out or pop them in the oven when guests arrive. Voila - more time for you and you guests to spend together!

Bonus: Most of these are already red and green! For the Cucumber Sandwiches, add a little holiday flair by placing a few pimientos on top of each one.

Happy Holidays!

Holiday Cheers!

With all that's involved in getting a holiday party together (appetizers, Christmas tunes, tacky reindeer sweaters) drinks often get overlooked. Yet they can be the difference between throwing the same old party your friends have been to before and hosting an exciting holiday-themed soiree. Here are some tips for making drinks that appeal to a large number of guests without being a ton of work:

  1. Select drinks that can be made in large batches and prepared ahead of time. Pull the punch bowl/pitcher out of the refrigerator when the first guest arrives and you're set!

  2. Prepare a signature cocktail that only uses a few ingredients and make that the focus. Supplement with a few bottles of wine, a few varieties of beer, and some sparkling water for people who aren't into hard liquor.

  3. Serve warm drinks - not only can most of them be made batch-style but your guests tend to drink them slower, meaning they won't be swinging from the chandelier before midnight (no promises for what happens after midnight, though!).

  4. Stock up on extra juice/mixers because not everyone likes to drink as much as you, party animal!

Inspired? Try one of these recipes and see how simple (and fun!) hosting a holiday party can be:

Enjoy the festivities!

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