Glass of Sass: Holiday Spirit

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Q:I promise I'm not a grinch but the jingling bells are already getting on my nerves. Maybe because they showed up in stores a month ago! Can you help me get in the holiday spirit without going overboard?

A:You're not a grinch, you're just a victim of insane holiday marketing, which seems to become more intense every year. Check out these three simple tips that stimulate the senses to get you in the spirit:

  1. Fill your house with that wonderful holiday aroma with easy homemade potpourri.
  2. Enjoy the tastes of the season by adding a splash of egg nog to your morning coffee.
  3. Create a mini wonderland by setting out just one holiday decoration: a candy dish, a tiny tinsel tree, or a glass bowl filled holiday ornaments.

See, anyone can get in the holiday spirit! Simple, festive, and non-grinchy. (And for the rest of us, there's Festivus)

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