Glass of Sass: Helping During the Holidays

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Q:I read your post about getting in the holiday spirit and now I'm drunk with holiday cheer. I feel like doing something good, helping some people out. Any ideas?

A:Why yes, we have the perfect idea. First, though, are you sure you're not just, um, drunk? We didn't think our holiday cheer was THAT contagious but apparently it is!

Anyway, we're happy to hear you want to help. We're currently doing a promotion where we donate a meal to a hungry child or adult for everyone who "likes" us on Facebook or signs up to receive our twice-a-month emails. So with just a few clicks you could donate TWO meals to a hungry person this holiday season. Plus, you'll get the latest and greatest from us via Facebook and email, which really is a gift in itself.

Happy Holidays!
Feeding America
Get more details on the holiday promotion.

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