5 Days of Meat: Seafood

It's Friday and that means it's the last day of our 5 Days of Meat series. Today we're featuring seafood, and while some people might not call it meat, we still wanted to share a few quick tips and recipes about it. Dive in!

  • Types: There are so many types of seafood it's impossible to name them all! From mollusks to fish, seafood is one of the most versatile options you have. Choose a white fish like sole or flounder for a lighter meal, and a heavier tuna or swordfish for a meatier dish. Scallops complement a light vegetable medley or risotto beautifully. With seafood, just choose what you like and get creative!

  • How to cook: Seafood can be boiled, grilled, fried, baked, broiled, steamed - you name it! Overall, with a handful of exceptions like salmon and tuna, fish should be cooked through but still maintain its natural moistness. Raw sushi quality seafood is delicious as well, but make sure it's grade A quality!

  • Wine Pairing: The cliché is to go with a white – a sweeter white for drier fish, and a drier white for meatier fish. But be rebellious and try a Malbec with a medium-rare filet of salmon and you won't be disappointed.

  • Veggie pairing: Seafood goes great with everything. Try it with spinach and asparagus for a high iron kick!

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Nola Solomon
We are happy to have Nola Solomon on board as an intern for FunnySpoon.com. As a French-American, she offers unique culinary insight on how to enjoy your food and efficiently plan for a hectic schedule. Give her recipes and tips a try!

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