5 Days of Meat: Chicken

Hope you enjoyed yesterday's overview on turkey. Today in our 5 Days of Meat series we're featuring chicken. So check out our quick info below and try some of our easy chicken recipes!

  • Cuts: You can buy chicken, like turkey, whole, breast, wings, legs, and ground. We love using Tyson's pre-cooked chicken strips because they make dinner time SO much easier and you never find any gnarly bits!

  • How to Cook: Chicken should be cooked all the way through so there is no pink left in the middle, but still be moist.

  • Wine Pairing: You can eat chicken with pretty much anything, thought white wine goes well in particular. Try a dry Riesling to complement the moistness of the chicken.

  • Veggie Pairing: Chicken goes excellent with spinach, asparagus and pretty much anything green. Add to soup with carrots and celery or on top of a salad for a low calorie punch.

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Nola Solomon
We are happy to have Nola Solomon on board as an intern for FunnySpoon.com. As a French-American, she offers unique culinary insight on how to enjoy your food and efficiently plan for a hectic schedule. Give her recipes and tips a try!

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