5 Days of Meat: Beef

This week's theme is meat, with a quick overview and some of our favorite recipes each day. So far we've featured turkey and chicken; today's featured meat is beef. Dig in!

  • Cuts: There are so many! Most common are rib eye, t-bone, filet mignon, flank, or ground. They are all good, but offer different ratios of fat to protein and tenderness and flavor.

  • How to cook: On a grill! If that is not possible, opt for a frying pan or simply stick into the oven. Beef is best medium rare but can be cooked anywhere from rare to well done. Ground beef tends to be lower quality meat that steak cuts, so medium is often a better heat choice for burgers.

  • Wine Pairing: Choose a fruity, full-bodied red to complement the iron-rich beef.

  • Veggie Pairing: Great with roasted brussel sprouts, broccoli and mashed potatoes.

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Nola Solomon
We are happy to have Nola Solomon on board as an intern for FunnySpoon.com. As a French-American, she offers unique culinary insight on how to enjoy your food and efficiently plan for a hectic schedule. Give her recipes and tips a try!

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