Super Bowl Recovery

So, you overindulged at the Super Bowl party last night. Who didn't? I know I did ... my team, the Indianpolis Colts, didn't make it this year. And I've been a bit salty about it for the last few weeks. So I decided the only way I'd have a shot at enjoying the Super Bowl is if I had a couple of cocktails AND indulged in some gluttonous food! And I have to admit my plan worked - the party we went to was fun and I really enjoyed the commercials, I mean game!

I knew I'd be paying for it today so I planned ahead. The best way to recover from an indulgent night - and stick to our resolution of eating more meals at home - is to eat eat well-balanced meals and plan ahead. I've included my menu for Monday as well as a few ideas for the week. Smart choices throughout the week will help you recover from the damage done last night!

Breakfast: Berry Parfait and I'm going to substitute the Dannon Yogurt with Greek Vanilla Yogurt for a little extra protein.

Lunch: Cobb Salad. Simple and easy to prepare (even with a food & booze hangover)!

Dinner: "Homemade" Spaghetti Sauce. This meal has it all - protein, veggies, carbs, comfort!!!

And here are a couple of suggestions for the week to keep you on track with eating healthy, eating at home and not giving in to more Super Bowl debauchery!

  • Park as far away as possible at work and grocery store. I know it's cold, but those few extra steps will give you more energy and help you work out all of the "toxins" from Sunday.
  • Do NOT give in and stop by the drive-thru on the way to work or the way home. Pack an extra snack of nuts & raisins for your commute time to take the edge off until you can make a sensible choice.
  • Eat fish and lean proteins this week - skip the burgers and steaks. Try this ridiculously simple Tilapia recipe.
  • Eat your veggies. I know I sound like a mom - because I AM! - but really, eat your veggies. They're filling, full of fiber and just plain good for you. And these simple salads will complement any meal.

So, there you go - a simple strategy to give yourself a "free pass" to have an over indulgent night but not slip too far off your overall eating, health and money saving goals! And maybe next year my boys will make it to the big game. Although I'm sure I will eat and drink the same way I did this year!!

Have a great week!

Looking for more simple recipes or healthy-inspired dishes? Check out The Daily Spoonful on our Facebook page - simple recipe posted each day!

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