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Glass of SassCheck out the latest Q&A in our new Glass of Sass column. We know our sassy fans have questions, and we've already poured a glass of wine so we're ready to fire off some answers!

Got a question of your own? Send it in and we will answer it in a future column!

Q:Why are there no serving amounts or nutritional information provided with your recipes? I find that crazy ... what is the deal?

A:Thanks for sharing your feedback! We've actually had people suggest before that we add nutritional information to the site. It's something we're hoping to add soon. We do have the number of servings listed at the top of each recipe, so hopefully that helps in the meantime.

So now I'll throw this out to everyone - what features would you like to see on the site? What changes would help you use our site better, and thus make dinnertime that much easier? Share in the comments!

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