5 Days of Cheese: Brie

It's Day 3 of "5 Days of Cheese" and we're in heaven. Hope you're enjoying this as much as we are! Today's featured cheese is Brie.

  • Origins: The province of Brie in France (now roughly the area called Seine-et-Marne). It is made from cow's milk.

  • Aging: 4-5 weeks. It is not pasteurized in most of Europe but is required to be pasteurized in the US and Australia.

  • Texture: Soft ripened. The rind can be eaten and helps contribute to the flavor.

  • Similar cheese: Camembert (from the Normandy region of France)

  • Fun fact: Salvador Dali's famous painting, "The Persistence of Memory" (more commonly referred to as "Melting Clocks"), was inspired by melting Camembert on a hot summer's day.

  • Wine pairing: Cabernet or Burgundy

  • Serving: While Brie can be used in heated dishes, it is best enjoyed in its full glorious round. Check out the recipes below or simply set out a round with some crackers at your next party. To help your guests avoid a social faux pas, guide them by slicing the first slice - cut a triangle from the middle outward, which will encourage partakers to follow the trend and cut their own wedges. And remember - the longer it sits out the more it stinks but the better it tastes and the creamier it gets!

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