Hump Day With Bradley: Is it cool to put fruit in your beer?

After an intense intern orientation (I've never met two girls who like foot rubs as much as Carrie and Vicki), I'm ready to start my new blog series: Hump Day with Bradley. It'll be a weekly dose of manly cooking and entertaining tips. I figured I'd start with beer - specifically, pairing fruit garnishes with the right beer. Enjoy!
- Bradley

As summer approaches, it sure feels nice to crack open an ice cold brew. Warm weather and cold beer were meant to be together, right?

So that got me thinking about beer and fruit. We all faithfully put a lime in our Corona and often get a lemon wedge with our wheat beer. Ever wonder why?

There doesn't seem to be much conclusive evidence out there, but here are some myths:

Limes in Corona

  1. It's a marketing ploy by Corona to help it stand out among American beers.

  2. The lime keeps out flies, dust, and sand while you're drinking - particularly important since it's often consumed outdoors and/or on the beach.

  3. The lime can be used to wipe away the rust left from the bottle cap.

The truth? Beer goes bad pretty quickly when exposed to light and air. Since Corona is in a clear bottle, it used to go bad faster than other beers, so the lime was to help cover the taste. Nowadays, though, the processes have been improved and it's no longer an issue, but it's a fun tradition to hold on to.

Lemons in wheat beer

  1. Lemons improve the taste of wheat beer.

  2. The lemon juice helps bring down the head on extra fizzy beers.

  3. It's the tradition in Germany.

The truth? Most beer afficionados say that the lemon juice adversely affects the flavor and is unnecessary. They also say that it's not actually very common in Germany.

My conclusion? Toss in what tastes good. If you like limes, lemons, or even oranges with your beer - go for it. After all, it's just the refreshing, relaxing taste we're after and everyone has different tastes.

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