Kids know how to cook ... Halleluiah!

Since we all know that the menu around my house is nothing short of repetitive, I thought I'd ask my kids to tell me their favorite thing I make for them and to describe just how I make it. Now granted, I had to offer to pay them for their time in the form of Hershey's kisses and a dollar a piece, AND we had to re-tape it twice since my son decided to snack on his toenails halfway through filming, but otherwise, they were very willing participants. And after watching the video, you will see why I could totally give Martha Stewart a run for her money in the kitchen.

Nucking Futs Mama is a stay at home mom of boy/girl twins who will soon turn seven years old. She works hard to hang onto her last shred of sanity each and every day in a house full of ridiculously picky eaters.

FunnySpoon says ...
Oh, Nucking Futs Mama ... this is hysterical! Thank goodness it doesn't really take 20 minutes to make a grilled cheese or lots of families would never eat dinner (like mine!). We love this story so much that it makes us want to hear more - from our readers and from yours!

We ask that our readers share stories from their children (or ill-informed husband, boyfriend, partner, etc.) about what they think really goes into preparing a meal. Does it take 20 minutes to prepare a Thanksgiving dinner? 2 hours to make a PB&J? Share them via video or written by posting them on our Facebook page or on our blogs. Or you can email them to us at FunnySpoon . We'll randomly pick a lucky winner (for each site) to win a super cool, eco-friendly shopping tote. And who knows ... it may include some other fun, cool schwag we find laying around! Hope to hear from you soon!

Contest ends on May 30, 2010

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Anonymous said...

Your twins really are hams!! Good job! Great contribution!

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