The FunnySpoon Five: Kids' Sleepover Treats

Remember having sleepovers as a kid! Ghost stories, silly games, talking all night? They were the best! I'm sure we had good food, too, but for some reason I don't recall it. It was most likely just some delivery pizza. So why not make your kids' sleepovers more memorable by creating a tradition with these fun (and easy!) foods?

The FunnySpoon Five: Kids' Sleepover Treats

1. Mini Meatballs Subs: Easy to prepare, healthy and filling, and kids think they're so fun!

2. Ooey Gooey Bars: SUCH a delicious treat, and guaranteed no leftovers!

3. Party Punch: Make one batch and they're set for the night. And it has less sugar than other punches, so they won't get too hyper!

4. Candied Popcorn Balls: Prepare these in advance so they're ready when the kiddos get the late-night munchies!

5. Cinna Whirls: When breakfast rolls around, feed the gang a batch of these and send them on their way!

What are your favorite sleepver treats?

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