Menu Planning

We've included some great SIMPLE dishes this week to help you continue to soak up this amazing spring weather. FunnySpoon Menus = Less Time In The Kitchen = More Family Fun!

Monday: Quinoa with Mushrooms and Pasta - a delicous, healthy way to start the week.

Tuesday: Bacon Chez Papa Salad - this recipe some straight from Vicki's favorite restaurant in Paris. And Carrie can attest that this salad is SIMPLY delicious!

Wednesday: Fiesta Burger - perfect hump day meal. SIMPLE, quick, tasty.

Thursday: Five Minute Burrito - add some excitement - and flavor - to your Thursday with this easy recipe!

Friday: Southwestern Quesadillas - kick off the weekend with a little zing!
And these Margarita Spritzers. TGIF!!

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David said...

i love the recipe ideas! i have been wanting to do something like this and have been trying to use this recipe organizer to help plan but i hope you don't mind if i use some of your ideas! thanks again!

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