Wine Week: Using Wine in Recipes

We love wine! And we love easy recipes! So we declared this week Wine Week and will be giving you cooking tips with a wine theme all week. First up: Using Wine in Recipes. So pour a glass and read on!

According to, here are the top 10 tips for cooking with wine:

  1. If you wouldn’t want to drink it, then please don’t cook with it!

  2. Wine can be used as a marinade, ingredient or as a cooking liquid. When used as a marinade, wine works as an acid and will help to soften the protein and add flavour to it.

  3. When using wine as an ingredient, remember that less is more and it is easier to add more than to take it away. Add small amounts at a time to your dish, at a slow simmer, and remember to taste test your dish every 10-20 minutes before adding in more.

  4. Tannic wines (mouth-drying sensation) such as cabernet sauvignon should be used with caution as they can cause the dish to take on a more astringent texture (remember previous hint and you’ll be fine).

  5. Wines with stronger oak nuances and flavours will bring these characteristics to your dish.

  6. Half to three quarters of a cup of wine will reduce on average to two tablespoons of concentrated liquid when slowly reduced.

  7. Freezing left over wine in ice-cube trays is a great way to have wine you like to cook with on hand at all times. After the wine is frozen put into freezer bags for an easy way to have wine on hand to add to stews, soups, stir-fries and sauces.

  8. When a recipe asks for water as an ingredient you can try substituting half the amount with wine to add a new flavour to your dish.

  9. Wine, on average, lasts for three days after opening – this applies to cooking with it, too. Cooking with wine that has been open too long will give your dish an oxidized flavour.

  10. Enjoy the same wine with your dish that you used for cooking it, as they will naturally complement each other.

If you skimmed the list, go back and read my two faves - #8 and #10. And bon appetit!

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