3 Easy Earth Day Tips

Happy Earth Day! You're probably being inundated with tips on how to help Mama Earth today. So we'll make it easy for you and give you three simple ideas, based on the idea of "practice what you preach". We're not exactly the compost heap types, but we do consider ourselves "light green" and try to incorporate greener living in bite-sized chunks every day.

1. Go meatless for the day. As we've mentioned before, meat takes a lot more energy to produce than veggies (just think about it - first you have to produce the veggies to feed the animals!) so if you cut meat out of your meals just one day a week you're really helping the earth.
And meatless meals don't have to be tasteless! Check out this easy recipe for Grilled Portabella Sandwiches and enjoy an earth-friendly dinner tonight!

carbon neutral coupon with kaufDA.de2. If you're a blogger, make your blog carbon neutral by signing up with the Carbon Neutral Blog Initiative. For each blog that joins, they plant a tree to offset the yearly carbon emissions you produce from having a blog. Don't have a blog? Share this info with someone who does!

3. If you send marketing emails or newsletters for work or a non-profit, use Emma Email Marketing. They plant 5 trees for each new customer. We know not all of you are email marketers (otherwise there'd probably be a lot more email in all our inboxes) but you can help by signing up for our emails and keep Emma in business!

If you're busy or can't do these tips then here's the easiest thing of all - go on a walk tonight with your family and appreciate the beautiful spring weather. Happy Earth Day!

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