Using the Right Oils - Part 2

We had a great comment on our post about Using the Right Oils asking "If there are 4 or 5 that can be used at different levels, what's the best choice? And what would be the best meal choice with each oil for taste and health?" Here's some info we found that might help:

Almond: Nut oils are best used in cold dishes; heat destroys their delicate flavor.

Avocado: To add a different twist to salad dressings, try using avocado oil in place of the oil you would normally use.

Butter: This is the preferred fat for baking as it adds the most flavor. It's not ideal for frying since it will burn at a lower temperature than most oils, but can be used for sautéing.

Canola: Canola oil has a bland flavor, which makes it a great base for any dish that includes a lot of spices (like Chinese, Indian and Thai). Unlike many oils with a strong flavor, the taste of canola will not interfere with the taste of your meal.

Corn oil: Corn oil is almost tasteless and is excellent for cooking because it can withstand high temperatures. It is used to make margarine, salad dressings and mayonnaise.

Grape Seed: This light, medium-yellow, aromatic oil is a by-product of wine making. It is used in salads and some cooking.

Olive: Olive oil has a rich olive flavor that can complement a variety of cold and warm sauces, marinades and dressings. When used for cooking (low to medium temperatures), olive oil's flavor is a delicious addition to Mediterranean-style dishes (such as Greek and Italian).

Peanut: Peanut oil has a bland flavor and is good for cooking because it doesn't absorb or transfer flavors.

Safflower: Safflower oil is a favorite for salads because it doesn't solidify when chilled.

Sesame: Light sesame oil has a nutty flavor and is especially good for frying. Dark sesame oil (Asian) has a stronger flavor and should only be used in small quantities for flavoring foods -- not cooking.

Soybean: When used at home, it is great for sautéing meats and vegetables (on low temperatures). It's not the best choice for salad dressings, however, as the flavor is not strong enough to stand alone. Recommended with Asian recipes, Indian dishes or other types of cuisine that already include flavorful spices.

Sunflower: It is a good all-purpose oil.

Hope you find this info useful!

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