Fantastic Friday: LIME Time

This one's for the party animal in you!

Friday night is finally here after a long week. Has anyone else felt like the weeks are getting longer now that the weather is warming up!?! So relax this weekend with some tasty cocktails and delicious food! Tonight our theme is lime to greet the warm weather with some sour refreshments!

Before even starting to whip up some cocktails and yummy dinner dishes, how about a tequila shot (c'mon, you know you want to)! The perfect way to take a tequila shot is to get your lime ready and salt your hand. Then it goes 1. Salt, 2. Shot, 3. LIME. Enjoy!

Now, lets get back to Friday night dinner. Our recommended cocktail for this evening is the Twist of Lime Screwdriver. Almost like a screwdriver but has that extra lime flavor!

What's on the menu for food: Citrus Ginger Chicken. The splash of lime juice combined with the chicken makes for a great dinner dish! And since you'll already have the limes for the cocktail, you can substitute in fresh lime juice!

Interesting facts about LIMES:

  • Lime extracts and essential oils are frequently used in perfumes, cleaning products, and aromatherapy.

  • Limes are also used as an accompaniment to several beer brands. This has led to the creation of a British drinking game called 'Chew the Lime'. It involves contestants attempting to throw the lime into opponents' drinks. It is quite rare for this to go according to plan and in many instances the thrower misses their target. However, should the thrower get the lime in the glass, then the person who has the misfortune to have lime in their drink must 'Chew the Lime' while all other members chant accordingly. A potential Friday night game?

  • If sprinkled with water and refrigerated in plastic bags, limes and lemons will last a month or more frozen.

  • Look for limes with the smoothest skin and the smallest points of each end. They have more juice and better flavor.

Happy Friday!

We are happy to have Hanna Skeppner on board this semester as an intern for As a Swedish-American, she has many exciting ideas to add a new twist to our old faves. Hope you enjoy her recipes and tips!

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