Spring Break Eats!

Spring Break is right around the corner! We're excited for the time away from school and work, but even more excited that warm, sunny days will soon be here. Check out our tips below to ensure you have a fabulous week!

Ready for the Beach

These simple meals and tips will help you get bathing suit-ready in a flash:

  • Breakfast Burritos, done right, are super low in calories and high in protein. And they're not just for breakfast anymore! Great for the week prior to a beach vacation to help shed a few unwanted pounds.

  • Mommy's Mushroom Pizza allows you the guilty pleasure of pizza but won't prevent you from slipping into your shorts!

  • Reduce bloat by cutting back on sodium. Sodium hides in many foods we think are low-cal, like diet soda, teriyaki sauce, and pickles. It acts like a magnet to water, leaving you bloated after what you thought was a healthy meal! Get rid of the water weight with these easy tips and you'll feel a lot better on the beach!

Hanging Out With The Kids

Got the kids home for an activity-filled week? For quick meals on go, try these:

  • Turkey Wraps are perfect for a day on the go. Make them in the morning and you've got lunch at the ready - tastier than an expensive lunch out and better for you than the hotdog stand!

  • Chicken Salad with Melbas are super easy to make! Toss the Tupperware in your bag along with a baggie of melbas and pair with some grapes or an apple. Now you've got a hearty snack to carry you through an afternoon at the beach or zoo.

  • These Cocoa Krispie Bites are scrumptious! And fun for the kids to help make, too (read: not too messy)!

  • Check out these healthy snacks to keep the kids (and you) fueled up for the week.

Party Time!

No exciting Spring Break plans yet? Have an impromptu party to celebrate spring! These simple recipes will help you throw together a party in less than 30 minutes.

  • Fiesta Dip is perfect for a party - great with crackers, veggies or bread. And literally takes 4 minutes to make!

  • Make a double batch of these Salami Pickle Wraps because your guests will be back for seconds and thirds!

  • The Hula Dancer is the perfect spring party cocktail! It's light, refreshing and makes you wanna dance!

Whatever your spring break plans, we hope you're warm, sunny and feeling healthy!!

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