FunnySpoon Sous Chef!!

As you know, we're busy entrepreneurs (and a mom and a social butterfly!) so we think it's time to call for a little extra help around here. That's why we're opening up a FunnySpoon Sous Chef Program (aka internship). Currently, our top three candidates, are you ready ladies, are:

        Bradley Cooper          Antonio Banderas         Jon Bon Jovi

We thought we'd open it up to you, our favorite supporters, to see who we should select. I know, it's such a difficult job we have, I mean decision to make!

Oh, right, you probably want to know about the job description. Details, details.

It goes something like this:

  • Assist in all kitchen prep duties (shirtless, of course)

  • Clean all dishes after cooking, eating and snacking (with no complaints & no lonely dishes left behind)

  • Proofread all of our recipes, blog posts & emails (while giving foot massages)

As they master the basics of the sous chef program, they will move up the ladder and begin developing their own recipes, blogging about their favorite foods and give us a manly-man's perspective on cooking, food and all things kitchen. Oh ... and they're going to pick their favorite FunnySpoon Facebook Fan each month so there may even be some perks for you!

All three of these candidates have tremendous strengths - they’re smart, funny, charming and HOT! We can all work together to help them bridge their current lack of cooking knowledge, yes? It does make cooking just a little bit more fun, doesn't it?

So c'mon ... which one do you think? Leave your vote in the comments section of Facebook or the blog or tweet it to us!

And don't worry guys - we'll soon have some entertaining eye candy for you, too! Stay tuned ...

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lindsay said...

i don't think there's any question here... bradley. cooper. alllllll. the. waaaaaay. he's gorgeous, knows how to party like a rockstar and is learning to cook. hands down - best intern everrrrr!

Anonymous said...

hands down Bradley Cooper!!! yum, yum, YUM

Erin said...

I don't know...I'm tempted to say Bon Jovi. I mean, in addition to foot massages he could croon "Bed Of Roses" to you all day long.

Vicki said...

Thanks for all the comments, ladies, but I think you meant to say Antonio!!!!

Anonymous said...


christina said...

Bradley Cooper, no questions asked

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