And the new sous chef ...

You voted, we listened and we are super, SUPER excited to announce our newest sous chef. Please join us in welcoming BRADLEY COOPER to the FunnySpoon team!

As you all know, cooking and talking about food is a very tough job. We take our jobs very seriously. That's why we had to carefully weigh the qualifications of all of our sous chef applicants. We narrowed it down to three - Antonio Banderas, Jon Bon Jovi and Bradley Cooper - but needed your help for the final decision. And what a fine, fine choice you made!!

Bradley is busy going through orientation today, but you'll be hearing from him soon. He's excited to share insider information on what REAL MEN like to eat, give his unique kitchen tips and weigh in on all your cooking questions (or whatever else you may want to know!). Naturally, he has other responsibilities - like foot massages and taking out the trash - but he'll be blogging and Facebooking before you can finish watching The Hangover. (Oh, and we encourage you to watch it ... he's shirtless in the first 15 minutes!)

And, if we're lucky, we may be able to get Antonio and Jon to stop by occasionally ...

Note: This is purely for entertainment purposes. Obviously, Bradley Cooper is not really interning for FunnySpoon. He's our pool boy.

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