St. Patrick's Day Treats

Lucky for us it's almost St. Patrick's Day! And our "Irish Eyes Are Smiling" because we love this holiday and, really, any excuse for a celebration! Whether you're celebrating your Irish heritage or just enjoying the day with family and friends we've got a few simple recipes that will make you feel like you just found a pot 'o gold!

Hearty Fare

Naturally, we have FunnySpoon variations of the traditional St. Paddy's Day foods. All of these dishes are amazingly simple and can be prepared ahead of time:

Still looking for more options? Try some of these easy St. Patrick's Day recipes.

Help Yourself!

We also have self-serve goodies to make your celebration a success - and fun for the hostess!! With these simple recipes the kiddos can be entertained while the grown-ups enjoy a beverage (or two).

Don't worry about the little ones making a mess with these Shamrock Cookies or Irish Flag Cookies. It's simple - you bake the cookies and let them decorate from your example.

For the Red Rooster and the Black Velvet, simply set out the bottles and let your guests prepare their own drinks. Can't get much easier than that!

We raise a glass to all our FunnySpoon supporters and say "Sláinte!", which means "health". And speaking of health, researchers say Guinness may be as effective as daily aspirin in reducing the blood clots that cause heart attacks. So, drink up!

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