It's Grilling Season!

There's nothing better than grilling in the summertime ... the smell is fantastic, the food is always amazing and the clean up is so much easier! I recently ran across an article in Food & Wine Magazine that had a tips and ideas from their favorite grilling experts. Here's a quick list of the tips, but I encourage you to click through for the details and some of the recipes. While some of these are a little too fancy and gourmet for me there are some really amazing ideas ... like crisping veggies in ice water so they'll be crisp and moist after grilling. I also can't wait to try one of the mayo marinades!

Tip 1: Baste burgers with butter
Tip 2: Dip meat in cold water
Tip 3: Use mayo in marinades
Tip 4: Crisp vegetables in ice water
Tip 5: Tenderize in onion juice
Tip 6: Add yogurt to marinades
Tip 7: Prevent bones from burning
Tip 8: Sweeten rubs just a little
Tip 9: Leave some fat on steaks
Tip 10: Grill your sauce on a stick
Tip 11: Cook ribs low and slow
Tip 12: Know your ribs
Tip 13: Create faux wood flavor
Tip 14: Grill with real wood
Tip 15: Tie fresh herbs to a basting brush
Tip 16: Use a citrus squeeze
Tip 17: Try different leaves
Tip 18: Wrap delicate fish fillets
Tip 19: Build one fire for two dishes
Tip 20: Plan for leftovers

Smoky Glazed Asparagus

What are you grilling tips and secrets?

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Vicki said...

You had me at "baste burgers with butter". (Say THAT three times fast!)

carrie said...

That doesn't exactly fit with our summer slimdown program, but sure does sound delish!

Maybe you can use the spray butter?

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