SSS #2: Summer Slimdown Secrets!

You always hear that you should drink more water. It's good for your skin, it keeps you full so you eat less at and in between meals, it's excellent for flushing toxins out of your system. OK, we get it! But what if you don't like water? Or even say you do like it, what if you have problems getting down your 8 glasses (64 oz.) per day?

Enter Crystal Light Lemonade On-the-Go:

You can take these packets anywhere and just add them to water. They're great when you're (as the name smartly states) on-the-go, and they make sure you have no excuse to resort to soda or juice or another high calorie beverage. They're only 5 calories per 8 oz of water - so even if you use them for all 8 glasses each day, you're only adding 40 calories to your daily intake but you're making it a lot more enjoyable!

And to be more eco-friendly, you can also buy larger sizes for at-home/at-office use.

What are your summer slimdown secrets? Share them in the comments!

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