Arbor Day Goodness

As some of you know, in addition to our website and blog we also send out emails with recipe ideas and cooking tips. These emails are sent through Emma, a fun, quirky, eco-friendly email service provider. We already knew we liked Emma and wanted to work with them, but it was a huge bonus when we found out they plant 5 trees for each new customer. As of yesterday, Arbor Day, Emma has planted over 28,000 trees. So we just wanted to give a little shout out to a company that is taking the time to do the right thing. Go Emma!

Wanna get in on our emails? Just visit our FunnyMail page and sign-up today!

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carrie said...

We love working with Emma! They're email tools are very user-friendly, their customer service rocks and their philosophy of helping the earth is incredible. I recommend them to other business owners all the time. If any of our FunnySpooners are looking for an ESP I would highly recommend Emma.

Yay Arbor Day! I didn't plant a tree, but I did plant some tomato plants. Does that count?

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