Valentine's Day in a snap

As you know ... it's almost Valentine's Day. This either brings giggly, giddy thoughts or anxiety to most. If it's anxiety for you then we have an idea that might help. The challenge if to find a way to celebrate and make it special for your significant other (and kids, in my case!) without going over the top, spending a ton of money and stressing yourself out.

Rather than getting a babysitter and going to a fancy restaurant (along with every other couple in America) we like to stay home and have a special dinner. This doesn't mean you have to slave over the stove all day or spend tons of cash on fresh lobster to make it special. You can create a spectacular dish with very litle prep and a modest budget. Try one of these:

Spinach Fettuccine Alfredo & Chicken

Rotel Tilapia

With one of these dishes you'll never even miss the trip to the restaurant. And it's a lot easier to snuggle on the couch as soon as dinner is done!

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