Roasted Red Peppers Are All The Rage

I have been on a major roasted red peppers kick lately. It's a great way to add a big burst of flavor to pretty much any dish, but what I love even more is how easy they are to use! I keep a jar of World Classics Trading Company Roasted Red Peppers on hand at all times so that I can slice a few and throw them into pasta, salad, fish dishes - pretty much anything!

And I guess my friends are on the same wavelength as me - at a dinner party last week one of my friends made these awesome wraps with roasted red peppers and Boursin cheese. I decided to try them out for myself and was amazed at how easy they were to make. I totally recommend making these for your next dinner party. You'll look like an amazing chef but you'll only spend about 5 minutes making them.

I'm sure I'll have more recipes on the site soon that feature my new favorite ingredient, but for now you can check out these:
· Tilapia Fish Tacos
· Macaroni Grill Pasta

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