No, I'm not talking about bath time.

I'm talking about rubs, another flavorful part of grilling. A rub, like a marinade, adds flavor and texture to your meats, seafoods, fruits, and/or veggies. There are two kinds of rubs:

  • Dry Rub: made up of herbs and spices and is either sprinkled over or literally rubbed into your grilling items.
  • Wet Rub: should have a paste-like consistency and include a liquid ingredient. In most cases it is some kind of oil and gently coats the grilling items.

Pretty much anything goes, just like when making a marinade. The spices and seasonings are totally up to you and your personal taste. Just remember that you want to enhance the flavor of whatever your are grilling. Your goal is not to overpower and pop your taste buds.

So keep in mind ...
  • Balance your flavors by mixing strong flavors with mild complimentary ones.
  • Rubs should be worked/rubbed evenly and completely into the grilling item as much as possible.
  • Skin is a flavor blocker so if your meat has skin, try and get underneath it as much as possible.
  • Apply the rub in advance to give your meat and/or other grilling foods the most flavor possible. If you add your rub just before you start to grill, you're just adding flavor to your grill rack and not your meat.
    • Small items: 1 hour
    • Large items: 4 hours to overnight

Ready to rub? Try one of these easy recipes:

Kansas City
Rib Rub

Rib Rub

Carolina Pulled
Pork Rub

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