Grilled Cheese Goodness

If you're anything like us, just saying grilled cheese makes your mouth water. Buttery toasted bread and gooey cheesy goodness - what could be better? So check out our tips on the perfect grilled cheese sandwich, followed by some of our favorite grilled cheese recipes:

  1. Use real butter. There are times to skimp on calories and times to splurge. You'll be glad you used real butter in this case!

  2. Shredded cheese melts more quickly and evenly than sliced, so take the extra time to shred it first or just buy shredded cheese.

  3. I always hear "experts" say to butter each side of the bread when grilling. To me this is just difficult (see #1 where I recommend using real butter, which is anything but easy to spread) so instead I melt butter in the pan and place the sandwich in there, and when it's time to flip, I lift up the sandwich and melt a little more butter, then flip back into the pan. Much easier and much more even coating.

  4. Cook on medium heat and cover the pan. The medium heat ensures you get it toasted and covering it ensures the cheese is fully melted. Even if you're hungry and want it sooner, cooking on higher heat is just going to burn the bread without melting the cheese.

  5. Serve right away for maximum gooey-ness (let's just pretend that's a word).

Drooling yet? Check out these easy grilled cheese recipes:
Bonus: Remember having tomato soup and grilled cheese on a cold winter day? Jog those memories with these simple Kicked Up Tomato Soup!

Kicked Up Tomato Soup

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