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Glass of SassCheck out the latest Q&A in our new Glass of Sass column. We know our sassy fans have questions, and we've already poured a glass of wine so we're ready to fire off some answers!

Got a question of your own? Send it in and we will answer it in a future column!

Q:I'm in love with Bradley Cooper. I've seen The Hangover 10 times and watched every episode of Kitchen Confidential. Is he really your intern?

A:If it's possible, we think we love Bradley (or Coop as we call him around the office) more than you do. That's why we made him our honorary intern.

What does that mean? It means that creating simple recipes for you is way more fun with a hottie around as our sous chef/intern. And you have to admit our Facebook status updates are WAY more interesting when there's a drool-worthy photo of Bradley attached, right? Right.

Bradley CooperAnd that's about as much as we're going to divulge. Bradley is a little embarrassed at how much he enjoys giving us foot massages so he asked us to keep our lips sealed about the details of what he does for us. We agreed because let's be honest - he had us at "lips".

Want more Bradley? Check out his blog posts. Happy Friday!

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