Tips for Tuna Salad

Someone once told me that tuna sandwiches were her comfort food. While I thought it was a bit weird (I mean, hello, mac and cheese anyone?) I can't deny that a good tuna sandwich is, well, good! So here are some quick tips to make any tuna sandwich tasty, no matter what recipe you use:

  1. Canned or those snazzy bagged packages are both good, just be sure you go for "chunk light". You're already eating packaged fish - let's not go cheap.

  2. Get the kind packaged in water instead of oil - you'll add flavor with the ingredients in your recipe (mayo, relish, etc.) and will save a ton of calories. Remember, fish is supposed to be good for you!

  3. Don't worry about draining every last drop of water out - leaving a little bit (but just a little) will keep your tuna salad more moist, which means having to add less mayo.

  4. Separate the tuna well before adding the other ingredients. If you don't mind getting your hands dirty (but wash them first!) then fingers really are the best way. However, using a fork to pull apart the chunks works, too.

Hungry yet? Then check out some of our favorite tuna salad recipes:

If you try one of the recipes above, be sure to let us know how it was! Just be sure you don't bring them for lunch!

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