Don't be that person: 5 things NOT to bring for lunch

We all know that guy/girl in the office who's completely oblivious and brings something for lunch that ends up stinking up the joint all day. Don't be that person! Here are 5 foods to avoid to make sure you keep your lunch to yourself:

  1. Tuna. This one's pretty obvious yet people continue to bring tuna sandwiches on a regular basis. We're sure it tastes good to you, but not everyone is a fan of fish, and even those who are don't necessarily want to smell yours! If tuna is really your thing, consider enjoying it on a park bench - it's a great excuse to get outside anyway!

  2. Leftover Indian/Chinese/Mexican takeout. It was great last night. Today its smell is traveling at the speed of light throughout the office, affecting everyone in a one-mile radius. Bonus? Its smell lingers in the microwave, making whatever the next person microwaves taste exactly like your leftovers. Consider packing a more office-friendly lunch and saving your leftovers for dinner.

  3. Cabbage/Broccoli/Cauliflower. Let me give it to you straight. You think you're eating something healthy. We're thinking you just let one rip in the kitchen. Is that what you want us to think? No. Switch over to carrots, corn, or green beans and we'll stop whispering behind your back about whether we think it was you or your lunch that made that smell.

  4. Fried/Fast Food. You can almost see the trail of smell this food leaves behind. Half the people find it disgusting, half the people (the ones eating protein bars and salads) are secretly jealous. However, 100% of the office will still be smelling it 3 hours after you toss the grease-soaked packaging in the trash. Eating out is fun (and in some cases essential), but try to opt for something less greasy, like a sandwich or wrap.

  5. Popcorn. You've probably been proudly reading this list thinking "I never eat anything offensive at work". News flash - popcorn is an offender, too! Why? Think of all the people in your office who are trying to watch their weight and avoid snacking, and then you prance around with your buttery goodness. True, at least it doesn't stink like pickled herring but you're still making it tough for your coworkers. Opt for pretzels or pre-popped popcorn instead.

Am I being overly sensitve? Possibly. But the ultimate in courtesy is to have as little impact on your coworkers as possible. There are tons of neutral things you can bring for lunch that won't bug your neighbors, and you have 7 nights a week where you can indulge in whatever foods you want. Trust me, your coworkers will thank you (or will at least stop talking about you behind your back).

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