It's Spa Week!!

Other than the Chilean miners being rescued this week (thank goodness they're all safe!) the most amazing news is that it's SPA WEEK, October 11-17. This is not just permission - it's your duty - to have a spa treatment at someplace fabulous - mani, pedi, massage, facial, body wrap, whatever little pick-me-up moves you!

In honor of this week, Vicki and I have decided to give our famously hot sous chef & intern, Bradley Cooper, the week off from foot massage duty. Instead we're going to treat him to a little spa treatment. Jealous girls? You should be!

And when you make a sassified, simple FunnySpoon meal for dinner no one will ever know you spent the better part of the afternoon relaxing!

Enjoy ... and happy hump day!

(Gratuitous eye candy. You're welcome!)

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