Grandparents' Day

As you may already know, Sunday is Grandparents' Day. I've been very fortunate to have 4 sets of grandparents since both of my parents remarried. I have distinct memories of each grandparent, but, unsurprisingly for me, food plays a big part in my memories! You know how Grandma is always serving you more and Grandpa is always eyeing you to make sure it's finished? So I figured a great way to honor them this Sunday is to highlight my favorite dishes that remind me of them.

My mom's parents: Whenever my brother and I had a day off school or if one of us was sick, we'd spend the day at Grandma and Grandpa's. We'd usually have baloney sandwiches and soup, or Zoup as my German-ancestry Grandpa would say. We'd put saltines in our Zoup and let them get big and soggy before eating them. It's amazing how something so simple was so enjoyable:

Clean-out-the-fridge Veggie Soup

My dad's parents: Anyone who ever met my grandma had tried her famous cheesecake. To this day, I've never had any better cheesecake. While my Italian grandpa had quite a few fabulous recipes up his sleeve, I'm gonna have to go with the cheesecake. I recently took grandma's recipe (shhh!) and changed it a tiny bit for the 4th of July:

Patriotic Cheesecake

My step-mom's parents: From the deep South, they had quite a few recipes I had never even heard of before! Even grits were new to me. But my favorite was definitely Mema's Nan'r Puddin'. Her recipe was a bit complicated, but my aunt recently came up with this easy version that still captures the amazing flavor of the original invention:

Banana Pudding
Banana Pudding

My step-dad's parents: As my mom wrote about a few months back, Wes loved coming over to my parents' house every Sunday and always raved about whatever my mom fixed. But his favorite was anything with tarragon and fish. So this recipes is in honor of him and his ever-appreciative taste buds:

Tarragon Tilapia

What recipes remind you of your grandparents? What is their "World Famous" recipe? Share in the comments, and have a Happy Grandparents' Day!

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