Simple Summer Picnics

Summer is (obviously) a great time to get outdoors and enjoy the fabulous weather. And picnics can be an easy way to have inexpensive and fun meals outside. To make sure your picnics stay simple (and don't make you miss the conveniences of home!) try these tips:


Food. Keep it easy with this Bacon Ranch Pasta Salad, which you can make in advance and refrigerate. It has all the food groups so you know your family will get a full meal. Bring along some baked potato chips and fresh fruit, like watermelon and apples, and you're set!

Drinks. Fill a cooler with juices boxes for the kiddo and soda, beer, or white wine for the adults, and plenty of water for everyone.

Entertainment. Bring a volleyball net or badminton set if you're going to an area that allows set-up. You can find them pretty inexpensively at your local sporting goods or discount store. Or even just a ball or frisbee to throw around.

Miscellaneous. Bring plenty of napkins and wet wipes - watermelon is great but somehow manages to end up all over the place. Toss in a few paper plates and plastic forks and you're set.

Remember - the goal is to keep it simple! Grab just a few things and head to the beach/park and enjoy a family night out. No need to bring everything from home!


Food. Grab a selection of gourmet cheeses and sausages at your local wine and cheese shop (or even grocery store), and toss in a baguette as well. Prepare this easy Fruit Pizza in advance for a refreshing dessert. Simple and totally tasty!

Drinks. Grab a bottle (or two) of sparkling wine or white wine. Either is great when enjoyed al fresco. Splurge and bring real champagne/wine glasses on your picnic. If you have a wine chiller, that's ideal. Otherwise, just keep it in your picnic basket out of direct sunlight and drink it fast enough that it doesn't get hot! And don't forget the corkscrew!

Miscellaneous. Little touches like a real knife, a wooden cuttingboard, and a traditional picnic basket really jazz up a romantic picnic while still keeping it simple.

The main thing to remember with picnics is that everything you use, you have to carry. So choose wisely and pick the few things that make it special while leaving everything else at home. And remember - you don't need to eat any more on a picnic than you would at home. No need to bring vats of potato salad or 20 pounds of watermelon - you'll just end up trashing most of it or lugging it home. Keep it simple and enjoy the great outdoors!

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