Hump Day with Bradley: Top 5 Aphrodisiac Foods

Hey ladies! It's not all beer and barbecue over here - I do have a softer side. Check out today's tips on the top five aphrodisiac foods. Be sure to tell me which ones you'd like to try ...
- Bradley

You've probably heard rumors and myths about certain foods having aphrodisiac qualities. While the FDA says there are no aphrodisiac foods, I say that takes all the fun out of it. So here are 5 foods to try next time you're in the mood to, er, get in the mood. Can't hurt, right?

  1. Chocolate. The sedative in this dual-action treat helps with relaxation (thus lowering inhibitions) while the stimulant helps increase desire for physical contact. Considering it was banned from monasteries in the past, my bet is there's something to this myth.

  2. Garlic. Bad breath? Sure. But it might be worth it for the increase in blood flow it encourages. Cue in more stamina and extra energy.

  3. Caviar. Loaded with zinc, this delicacy aids in the production of testosterone, which can help increase stamina. Not big on fish eggs? Pine nuts also have a large dose of zinc, so toss a few on your pasta for a romantic dinner.

  4. Honey. While "boron" may not be the sexiest word, honey is jam-packed with it, which means honey can stimulate estrogen production in women and testosterone production in men.

  5. Almonds. It's not the almonds themselves so much as the aroma. Whip up some pastries with almond extract and fill the air with a sweet, sensuous smell.

Ready to try at home? Start with these easy Chocolate-Covered Strawberries and see where the night takes you!

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