Hump Day with Bradley: Beers that help your 6-pack

I've been moonlighting from FunnySpoon and working on this action flick, The A-Team. It's high energy so that means I've got to be in great shape and cut calories where I can - ridiculous Hollywood rules. But give up beer? No way, not this dude. Here are a few tips I've picked up about low-calorie beers - what's worth the trade off and what's not.
- Bradley

Michelob Ultra.
The original low-carb beer, right? It's still one of my favorites. It's a crisp, clean, light American-style lager. And at 95 calories it's an indulgence that I don't have to worry about. Oh ... it has an alcohol content of 4.1%. Sorta important if you're hoping to dull the pain of the week. Or kick off a bachelor party weekend.

MGD 64.
I'm pretty sure this was Miller's answer to Michelob Ultra - a low(er) calorie beer that's low in carbs. And that it is. Again, it's a light lager that has a little sweet/corn taste. No heavy beer taste. It only has an alcohol content of 2.8% so you could probably toss back a 6-pack of these before you knew it.

Budweiser Select 55.
Not my fave, but not horrible if you're just looking for a beverage with dinner or in a social setting, but not looking to get loaded. It's got 55 calories, obviously, and 2.4% alcohol level. (As a comparison Budweiser Select has 99 calories and 4.3% alcohol level).

Corona Light.
At 109 calories and a 4.5% alcohol content this has to be one of my favorites for a hot summer day at the beach. It's refreshing, got the right amount of calories and booze for my taste and makes me feel like it's really summer. ¡Salud!

There are a few others that are worth checking out:

  • Good ole reliable Coors Light - can't really go wrong with the Silver Bullet, can you? About 100 calories and 4.2% alcohol

  • Molson Light - a middle of the road beer that's more acceptable to savvy beer drinkers. Less than 85 calories and 2.4% alcohol.

  • Amstel Light - One of the best light beers around. It's a Dutch beer so it's OK to drink at swanky events and feel cool. It's about 125 calories and 3.5% alcohol so it'll do you right, but not leave you in a stupor.

Whatever beer, or drink, you choose it's OK to indulge in the high calorie stuff occassionally, but not every day. Drinking the beers above means less running and fewer sit ups. So ... bottoms up!

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