5 Tips for Decadent Desserts

A lot of desserts are made to be shared, such as for birthdays, work parties, or dinner parties. So there's that little extra desire to add a few finished touches to make them that much more special. Here are 5 easy tips to spruce up your desserts:

  1. Use dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate. It's not any more expensive or difficult to find, yet it still makes desserts feel more exotic and decadent. Try: Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

  2. Use a combination of whole and chopped nuts. The whole nuts look prettier but the chopped nuts are easier to eat. So combine them for the perfect dessert! Try: Pecan Pie Bars

  3. Top with nicely sliced fruit. Fresh fruit is always a treat, and when sliced fancy shcmancy, you can really impress. Try: Red, White, and Blue Cookies

  4. Drizzle chocolate sauce on each plate before serving. In less than 30 seconds, your dessert has restaurant-quality appeal! Try: 1-2-3 Cookie Bars

  5. Decorate each dessert uniquely. Guests get to choose their fave and everyone wins. Try: Mint Chocolate Brownies

What are your favorite tips for fabulous desserts?

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