Mexican Meatless Monday!

As a vegetarian, do you ever feel like you are you are left out when people invite you over for Mexican food? Afraid that you will be stuck with boring old beans and rice, minus the beans if they are cooked with any sort of meat in them? Taco salad becomes lettuce and salsa; fajitas become soggy veggies and sour cream. Your friends tell you that they couldn't live without meat because of this and although you never waver in your decision to lead a vegetarian lifestyle, you understand what your dinner looks like to them - not especially exciting.

Luckily for you, there are many more solutions than you might have imagined - Mexican food leads to an incredible array of healthy vegetarian options. Let's focus on one specifically: Tempeh Tacos. They are delicious, healthy (aka low in calories and fat), and are packed with vitamins and protein. Who needs that fried beef chimichanga? Not you!

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Erin Lizzo is a freelance writer and food lover - a perfect combination for She'll be contributing fabulous (and easy) vegetarian recipes that everyone can enjoy! We already promote going meatless one day per week, so we're looking forward to her fave suggestions!

We are happy to support the Meatless Monday initiative. Check 'em out for more info!

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