The FunnySpoon Five: Tips for Party Dips

Dips are an easy snack to include in your party spread. Done right, they can impress the crowd and the bowl will be scraped clean. Done wrong, and you'll be left with a whole lotta dip. So here are five easy tips for the perfect party dip:

  1. Serve it in style. Spoon the dip into a hollowed out red pepper or bread bowl and you've got instant wow-factor. Bonus: You can eat the bowl, too.

  2. Don't forget the dippers. What you dip IN is just as important as the dip itself. Vary up your dippers to include carbs (chips, breadsticks, pretzels, etc.) and veggies (carrots, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, etc.). Try to serve everything in "one-dip" sizes to prevent double-dipping; if your carrot sticks are bite-size, guests will be less tempted to go for round two on the same dipper.

  3. Make the dip a part of the theme. Cinco de Mayo party? Serve Spicy Corn Dip at your fiesta. Summer luau? Celebrate with Aloha Cream Cheese Dip. Holiday party? Deck the platter with green and red veggies.

  4. Serve in portions. After sitting out for a while, cold dips get warm and warm dips get cold. And after people have been dipping, it can start to look unappetizing. You can easily avoid this by setting out only a portion to start with, and then refreshing it halfway through the party. Keep cold dips in the fridge and hot dips in ready-to-heat dishes. It's a little extra work but it's more appetizing for your guests, which will mean less leftovers!

  5. Get fruity. Savory dips aren't the only kind out there! Try a sweet and fruity dip for a little variety.

So go ahead and get dipping at your next party!

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Erin said...

Great ideas! I love the idea of refreshing the dip half way through the party.

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