Menu Planning

Spring is in the air and that means more play time (and hopefully less kitchen time!) We've got just the fix for you this week. These simple meals all get some help from frozen ingredients - helps reduce prep and cook time. So, what are you waiting for? Simplify dinner and get out there to enjoy the spring weather!

Monday: Homemade Pizza - starting with a DiGiorno 4-Cheese frozen pizza allows you to save TONS of time and everyone will think it was delivery!

Tuesday: Crescent Roll Pot Pies - you can throw this together in 10 minutes and have time to go for a quick walk while it's baking. Perfect!

Wednesday: Meatball Subs - These Farm Rich Meatballs are a staple at our house - great for small kids, big kids, dinners and snacks! This is a fun meal for a busy night and even works if you're on the go.

Thursday: Unc's Chicken - The Tyson Breaded Chicken Tenderloins make the meals a snap to prepare.

Friday: Mini Crab Cake Sliders - kick off the weekend with some coastal inspiration! NOTE: Be sure to move the SeaPak Crab Cakes from the freezer to the fridge on Thursday evening so they'll be ready to go!) And pair it up with Perfect Martini - it's Friday AND it's Spring. Celebrate!!

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