Menu Planning

Hooray!! March not only marks the beginning of spring, but it's also noodle month - two things we absolutely adore! Not sure how well noodles and spring go together (think warmer weather, fewer clothes & more carbs??), but we don't care. We intend to do our civic duty, properly celebrate it and encourage you to do the same!

Monday: Ramen Stir Fry - celebrate Meatless Monday with this simple, tasty dish.

Tuesday: Chicken Spaghetti - so simple! You can toss it in the crockpot in the morning and it's ready when you get home. And the leftovers are excellent, too!

Wednesday: Almost Lasagna - no work and all the glory. Perfect for a busy Wednesday night!

Thursday: Thai Coconut Soup - add some excitement - and flavor - to your Thursday with this sinfully simple recipe!

Friday: Scampi Tortellini - celebrate Friday the right way! This delicious meal pairs perfectly with a glass of Mad Housewife Cabernet (and it's easy on the budget, too!)

We hope you enjoy these dishes. If you're looking for something a little different, check out these easy recipes.

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