Meatless Monday: Veggie Appetizers

A few weeks ago my friend Katherine and I were at dinner and ordered this amazing appetizer - white bean bruschetta. It had a wonderful consistency, and even more important - a great taste. I'd been wanting to recreate the recipe on my own, and hosting our book club last night was the perfect occasion to try it out.

These are healthy, low fat, and filled with protein and fiber - a great snack for vegetarians and meat lovers alike. I had my boyfriend taste them to make sure that they were delicious and he approved, but told me that he should probably try three just to be sure.

Want the recipe? Here you go - White Bean Bruschetta!

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Erin Lizzo is a freelance writer and food lover - a perfect combination for She'll be contributing fabulous (and easy) vegetarian recipes that everyone can enjoy! We already promote going meatless one day per week, so we're looking forward to her fave suggestions!

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