Meatless Monday: Broccoli!

As you probably saw in our Weekly Menu, tonight's recommendation is Broccoli Alfredo.

I love any excuse to eat alfredo, but these fun facts will get you excited about broccoli as well:

  • Humans have been growing broccoli for more than 2,000 years. It was first grown in Ancient Rome

  • The name broccoli comes from the Latin word brachium, which means "branch," or "arm."

  • Broccoli consumption has increased over 940 percent over the last 25 years!

  • It is a good source of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, potassium, iron, beta carotene, and fiber. Broccoli has as much calcium ounce-per-ounce as milk.

  • It is a member of the cabbage family and is closely related to cauliflower, brussels sprouts, and kohlrabi.

  • The leading broccoli-producing states are California, Arizona, Texas, and Oregon. Broccoli is also grown in Italy, northern Europe, and Asia.

I think I'm going to ignore the calcium fact because I need every excuse to eat cheese I can come up with. But it's great news for lactose-intolerant people, or, gasp, for people who don't like cheese!

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