How do you use a crisper??

You know those mystery drawers in your refrigerator where fruits and veggies go to get moldy and die? They're actually called "crispers". They help keep your fruits and vegetables fresh, ripe and crisp. However, if you don't use them properly then they can do the opposite and give you soggy, sad produce. Here's a SUPER simple primer to help you enjoy fresh produce!

The rule of thumb is that if it's stored in the section of the store with the misters then it needs to go in a cripser drawer with HIGH humidity. Vegetables will dry out or get limp unless stored properly. This helps keep the water in and keep it fresh (green leafy vegetables, corn, and broccoli).

Fruit requires a lower humidity so they should be stored in the other drawer - like berries and grapes.

Onions, tomatoes, apples and bananas should stored at room temperature as the cool temperature can hasten the ripening process and slightly alter the taste (think fresh, fragrant, window-sill ripened tomato versus a cold, firm, tasteless tomato!).

Here are a few links to get all the skinny on the best way to store your produce:
- The Unclutterer
- Organics To You
- Vegetable Expert

If stored properly, your produce should last about a week in the refrigerator. So read up, store properly and be sure you & your family enjoy all that wonderful, seasonal, fresh produce!!

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Vicki said...

I've always wondered about that. Looks like I'm doing some things right and some things wrong, so now I know!

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