FunnySpoon Five: Faves of 2009!

We thought you might want to know what you and your fellow FunnySpooners picked as your favorite recipes of 2009! Here are your top five - pretty good selections we think!

  1. 123 Cookie Bars: We need no explanations for why you chose this one. These cookies are delish!

  2. Bacon Cheeseburger Mini-Meatloaf: A crowd, kid and mommy favorite. Bacon makes everything better, doesn't it?

  3. Asian Asparagus: One of our all-time favorite side dishes. We're so proud of you FunnySpooners for having such great taste!!!

  4. Shrimp in a Blanket: A new twist on an old favorite. These are party perfection!

  5. Chicken Picante: Simple, healthy, delicious. Look at that picture? Doesn't that just make you hungry??

Again, fantastic list (unknowingly) selected by all of you. I wonder what your faves will be for 2010? I'm hoping another chocolate recipe makes the cut!

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