Veggie Tuesday: If a Beatle says so ...

If I learned one thing from my mom, it's that Paul McCartney is the coolest Beatle. So if he says it's a good idea to go meatless once per week, I'm cool with doing it. Especially since we've already been doing it.

However, "going meatless once a week" is easier said than done for most people who are used to throwing some ground beef in a pan or some chicken in the oven for a quick dinner. So hopefully you'll find our meatless dinner suggestions helpful (and tasty!) as opposed to preachy.

Tonight, why not try the Spinach and Articohoke Strata? It only takes 10 minutes to prepare, then you can toss it in the oven for 30 minutes while you do something else (like throw on your comfy pants, pop in the Beatles Love album, and dance like an idiot. No? Just me?). Plus, the festive red and green will put you in the holiday mood!

Now, if anyone has Mr. McCartney's number, I'd be happy to cook this for him tonight. Just trying to help, you know.

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Elle said...

Don't tell Elvis, but Paul was my first crush! And I love the spinach and artichoke strata. It's no sacrifice going meatless with this dish!

lindsay said...

Even if I wasn't already a vegetarian I'd listen to Paul and go meatless once a week. He knows what's up!

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