Holiday Survival Guide: T Minus 7!!

The holidays are upon us! It's the time of year for shopping, gift exchanges, decorating, and, best of all, parties! FunnySpoon helps take the stress out of the holidays, so check out our fast party fixes that'll make all your elves giddy with joy!

Seasonal Eats: AKA Party Food!

Ensure your spot on the nice list with these Santa-stic party foods guaranteed to be loved by all and save you time in the kitchen. That's a holiday duo every cook loves!

BBQ Bacon Chestnuts: Make a double batch because these mouthwatering apps will be devoured in minutes!

Best Party Dip Ever: The name says it all! And if you're not a feta-lover, substitute shredded sharp cheddar for an equally fabulous taste.

Crab Rangoon Dip: Simple and elegant! So scrumptious that you might not want to share (but you better if you want to remain on the nice list!)

Need to feed the kids before a big party? Try the Spinach Pita Pizzas or the Ravioli Bites. They're hearty enough to be substituted for a meal and double as a party appetizer, too!

And go ahead, be a little naughty. Pair these melt-in-your-mouth Mint Chocolate Brownies with a King's Cider. We promise Santa won't hold it against you!

Mirth-Making Mood

Update your holiday playlist with "A Very Special Christmas" compilations – they're loaded with contemporary artists that are bound to brighten your mood and chase scrooge out of the house!

Healthy Holidays

'Tis the season to falalala ... and that leads to lots of rundown and sick people! Take care of yourself and your family this merry season with our top tips to fight off colds:

  • Eat more mushrooms - they're a natural (and delicious!) source of vitamin D.
  • Get sunshine whenever it peeks out at you. Just 15 minutes a day gives you all the vitamin D you need.
  • Drink Emergen-C - it's LOADED with vitamins and B12, which keep us healthy and provide extra energy around the holidays.
  • Most importantly ... take time to enjoy the holidays with your family and friends. Didn't get something done? Don't sweat it! There's always next year ...

    Bon App├ętit!
    Carrie & Vicki

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