Warm Up With These Fabulous Fall Soups!

We're embracing the cooler weather and fresh tastes of fall: pumpkin-flavored anything, apple cider and SOUP! Everyone loves soup - it's easy to make, you can serve a huge crew with minimal effort and the leftovers are a perfect lunch the next day. These soups will let you enjoy your day (and even give you time for a trip to the pumpkin patch) because these recipes are chock-full of short-cuts.

Corn ChowderCorn Chowder: Nothing says fall like Chowder and nothing says easy like this recipe. Seriously simple and topped with bacon. Ahhhh, glorious bacon!!

Tortilla SoupTortilla Soup: Give your family a break from the typical chicken noodle soup with this refreshing Tortilla Soup. These simple changes to the soup add an entire new level of flavor!

Marc's Cheater Lentil SoupMarc's Cheater Lentil Soup: This soup serves up the double-whammy! It's a hearty meal and it embodies the FunnySpoon concept of cooking: use a recipe short-cut to demystify cooking so it's enjoyable and manageable in your busy schedule. This Lentil Soup is a fantastic substitute for chili on a football Sunday!

Kicked Up Tomato SoupKicked Up Tomato Soup: This zesty tomato soup will spice up any boring sandwich night. Take a simple tomato soup base and build on it to create a complex, robust flavor. In minutes!

What are your favorite soup recipes or fall flavors? We'd love to hear about them!

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